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Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Supervision's Pose has been added to the roster of international graffiti artists participating in the graffiti exchange.  Started by our boy and international graff superstar Jersey Joe in 2005, this grass roots project, is not only a great concept but also continues to produce serious momentum and truly inspiring collaborations, here's the lick....

"The Exchange was started in 2005, with six participants from different areas of the United States. The group is currently made up of 33 members from 12 countries worldwide. The participants of The Exchange trade names and personal styles through sketches. This step is repeated until everyone in the group has traded outlines at least once.

The sketches are drawn, scanned, and traded via email. They are then printed out and executed by the receiving artist in their particular city.

The objective is to create an awareness of distinct lettering styles and trends. The goal is for all in the group to be able to become more versatile through attempts at graffiti styles out of their personal comfort zone. The artists in the group may learn new techniques and compositions from the exchange".

Keep an eye on it its well worth it.

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